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Our raw almonds are just that—truly raw and unpasteurized—and certified organic. Perfectly delicious and loaded with nutrients, these unpasteurized almonds are among our best selling products. Great raw almonds like these can be difficult to get in the United States, as California almonds marketed as “raw” are often steam-pasteurized, but our non-pasteurized almonds are imported from Spain

As it is known, raw almonds are a vitamin bank. This food store, which is good for many parts of the human body, should be consumed regularly during the day. The best benefit of this consumption is; it is the destruction of us need for chemicals.


Benefits of Raw Almonds;

  1. Raw almonds are an intense store of vitamins  and contain plenty of iron. With the vitamins it contains, it cures many vitamin deficiencies in the human body.
  2. Raw almonds offer quite natural solutions for cholesterol disease, which is especially good for the elderly.
  3. The fact  that it is a type of snack recommended for cholesterol patients due to its high content of unsaturated fat has made the use of almonds more popular for the public.
  4. Eating almonds in the same way among the heart patients is quite beneficial. Because; The unsaturated fat is quite natural, and the oils in the almond extract helped heart health.
  5. It is the number one almond in the prescriptions of patients with cardiovascular obstruction.
  6. In other words, it should not have undergone any fabrication stages.
  7. The number one food recommended for diabetics is  raw almonds. For diabetics, it is important to use with corrective effect of blood sugar fluctuations after eating. In terms of weight control, almond consumption has an important place. Dieticians; When comparing the weight loss rate of patients eating almonds and the weight loss rate of patients not eating almonds, it was revealed that they observed that patients eating almonds were able to lose weight much more intensively.
  8. According to a study conducted on 80,000 female patients ; It shows that it is possible to separate patients with raw almonds and gallstones as eating and not eating almonds. Female patients consuming raw almonds have a 25% lower incidence of gallstones.
  9. It is  also worth noting that daily consumption of 30 grams of almonds has become a condition that improves bone health for all people  .